Clean Emissions

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are the most sustainable solutions for power and transportation.  But for many applications, such as trans oceanic shipping, electric energy storage is not practical.  Combustion of fuels remains the only practical energy source for these applications.  Our mission is to apply innovative technological solutions to clean exhaust gases to remove harmful emissions such as sulfur oxides, nitric oxides, particulate matter, and green house gases including carbon dioxide.   

Our engineers have more than a century of combined expertise in reducing emissions for the power generation, chemical, road, rail, air and marine industries.  We are here to help you find the best sustainable solution to reduce your emissions.


Carbon Capture

Ionada’s membrane technology is the ideal technology for carbon capture for marine and power generation. Ionada’s membrane CO2 contactors can remove up to 99% of the carbon dioxides flue gas. Our CO2 decarbonization system is the most sustainable and environmental solution for carbon reduction.

  • Up to 99% CO2 Capture 
  • 30% more energy efficient 
  • Lowest carbon footprint 
  • Modular containerized design, ideal for retrofit installations 
  • Zero water consumption 
  • Reduced landfill costs with regenerable absorbent solutions 
  • Proven and reliable CO2 absorbents

Ionada’s Membrane Decarbonization system combines proven chemical absorption processes with porous ceramic tube membranes to remove carbon dioxide from flue gas without creating a throwaway sludge product.

Carbon dioxide is separated from exhaust gas and captured by an absorbent solution passing through hollow ceramic membranes made of alumina.

This material provides high absorption efficiency and durability in the hot and corrosive exhaust environment, and has an estimated minimum service life of 10 years.

Ionada’s membrane CO2 absorber utilizes proven amines absorbents for the removal of gases from the exhaust gases. Cold Amines solutions are circulated  in the membrane contactor to bind CO2. The binding is reversed at higher temperatures.


Sequestering,  CO2-enhanced oil recovery, tertiary recovery methods.  Ideal locations are oil reserves greater than 2,500 m in depth. 

White Paper

To learn more about Carbon Capture request a copy of  our White Paper.

"We scout a thousand start-ups every year, bring 30 of them to Rotterdam, and only 15 of those are selected for the program. Ionada was selected as a finalist because they have the aspects that will make them successful in the long term future, including the team, technology, and substantial global market potential."
Mare Straetmans
Managing Director, PortXL, Netherlands
"A successful demonstration of the small scale 20 kTPA modular Ionada Membrance modular unit and its economical benefit would lead to the installation and implementation at hundreds of other existing and future sites (compression and batteries facilities with pipeline connections to major gas processing plants) and the CO2 captured would be able to gathered into major processing hubs for permanent sequestration of CO2."
Customer, Energy Plant, Canada