Dry Injection Desulfurization

The Ionada Dry Injection Desulfurization [DID] system  complies with the requirements of IMO Res. MEPC.259 (59) for the removal of sulfur oxides from marine exhaust gases. These gases are a product of combustion consisting primarily of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oxygen leftover after combustion. During the combustion process the sulfur present in the fuel is oxidized to sulfur oxides (SOx). SOx is highly reactive and is removed from the engine exhaust stream using an absorbent solution – typically sodium based absorbent.

The Ionada DID utilizes a proprietary blend of nano porous chemical semi dry absorbents consisting primarily of sodium bicarbonate and zeolite catalysts. These nano porous materials are highly effective at reacting with the sulfur oxides to form heat stable benign salts.

2NaHCO3 → Na2CO3 + H2O(g) + CO2(g)
Na2CO3 + SO2 → Na2SO3 + CO2(g)

AlNaO6Si2 as a catalyst and absorbent, where X & Y denote the reactants and the C the catalyst.

X + C → XC
Y + XC → XYC
CZ → C + Z

Chemical reactions occur faster in the presence of a catalyst because the catalyst provides an alternative reaction mechanism with a lower activation energy than the non-catalyzed mechanism. In catalyzed mechanisms, the catalyst reacts to form a temporary intermediate, which then regenerates the original catalyst in a cyclic process.