iDeCarbon™ reduces carbon emissions from oil & gas, thermal power generation, waste to energy, hydrogen, steel, cement and marine industries.

Ionada is the first to market with the patented compact and affordable iDeCarbon™ carbon capture technology for small to mid size carbon emitters. Ionada’s containerized modular carbon capture system provides the ideal solution for the majority of industrial carbon emitters. The iDeCarbon™ hollow fiber contactor membrane technology can remove up to 99% of the carbon dioxides in post combustion flue gases. The iDeCarbon™ carbon capture systems provide a viable, sustainable and environmental solution to reduce green house emissions.

iDeCarbon™ Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor Reactor

Advantages of Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor Reactors

  • up to 99% CO2 Capture
  • 30% higher efficiency than conventional technologies
  • independent manipulation of gas speeds, liquid temperatures & pressures
  • no flooding, entrainment, or foaming
  • much higher interfacial area improving mass transfer
  • compact design
  • proven and reliable CO2 solvents
Packed/ Trayed ColumnFree Dispersion ColumniDeCarbon™
Surface Area
Mass Transfer
Coefficient (s-1 )
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