Ionada Direct Air Capture (iDAC™ ) is a technology that prevents global warming by removing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere.

Renewables and reforestation will not be enough to limit global warming to 2 °C to achieve the Paris Agreement goal. Failure to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will lead to deadly heatwaves, destructive storms, droughts, rising sea levels flooding cities, extinction of species, food scarcity, poor air quality, and political upheaval. iDAC™ is required to safeguard our future.

Direct air capture is required to achieve our 50% reduction in carbon dioxide emission by the year 2050 to avoid global warming. Captured carbon dioxide can be used to produce e-fuels or permanently stored underground.

Ionada is the first to market with the patented and proprietary iDAC™ direct air carbon capture technology. The iDAC™ hollow fiber membrane contactor reactor technology provides a viable, sustainable, and environmental solution to directly capture carbon dioxides from the atmosphere.

Ionada Direct Air Capture (iDAC™)

iDAC uses renewable energy sources to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to be converted to e-fuels or permanently stored underground.

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