General Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size and weight of the scrubber?

The equipment is negligible except for the bulk powder storage tanks.   They are sized to be 10 % of your fuel tanks by mass on average.   For simplicity you can assume a tank volume of 1 m3 per tonne of absorbent.


How long does it take to install?  Do I need to dry dock?

Installation of piping and electrical can be completed within a 24 hour repair docking.  No dry dock is required. The balance of commissioning can be completed while the vessel is in service.


What is the equipment delivery lead time?  Where do you manufacture?

Equipment delivery is 6 weeks.  Ionada has manufacturing facilities in Europe and China.


What is the operating costs?

The operating costs is directly proportional to the sulfur content of the fuel.


In which ports is sodium bicarbonate and zeolites currently available?

Sodium bicarbonate and zeolites are common commodity chemicals available globally.   Please contact us to get a list of suppliers at your local port.


Do you offer equipment financing?

Yes, please contact us to obtain more details regarding your financing options.