About Us

Ionada develops, manufactures, and markets exhaust gas cleaning systems that reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries.  Our sustainable solutions keep our air and waters clean for future generations.   Ionada’s team includes international scientists, engineers and technicians that have developed breakthroughs in technologies to reduce emissions.   Ionada services the global market with operations in Germany, The Netherlands,  United Kingdom and the Americas.

Our vision is to be the technology leader in delivering innovative  sustainable solutions to reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries.

Ionada’s mission is disruptive sustainability – providing emission abatement technologies that not only keeps our air and waters clean, but also provides a financial benefit to our clients.  

A commitment to sustainability, integrity, ethics, safety, and positive change.

Our Story

In 2010, with the support of the National Research Council Canada-Transport Canada, University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, research began into a zero discharge exhaust gas scrubbing technology. In 2013 the research team produced the first functioning membrane scrubber. Research led to patented breakthroughs in DeSOx, DeNOx, Particulate Matter and Carbon Capture.

Ionada emerged as a finalist in the 2018 PortXL program – a maritime  accelerator bringing start-ups, scale-ups, and corporate partners together to deliver disruptive innovations to the marine industry.  The PortXL program helped Ionada secure it’s first dry desulfurization pilot project with Van Oord, a global marine innovation company headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

The success of the pilot projects led to our first commercial orders for a Multipurpose Container Vessels, Self Discharging Bulk Carrier, and Ro-Ro Passenger Ships.   Ionada’s rapid growth continued with expanding operations into Germany, and the United Kingdom in 2019.     

Ionada is a lean start-up leveraging the latest in digital technology to rapidly scale our business.  We are not a traditional brick and mortar company like our competitors burdened with legacy business models.  As a digital company, Ionada is free to innovate at a much faster rate than any of our competitors. 

Ionada maintains the highest standards in the traditional values of integrity and commitment to engineering excellence to serve our clients. 

Our Team

Edoardo Panziera

Managing Director

20+ years entrepreneurial experience successfully commercializing more than $100MM in disruptive technologies for 3M, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Bombardier, Weir Minerals, Hydrogenics, Hyroad Industries, and SuntoWater. An expert in engineering and commissioning emission abatement systems.

Russell Maduro

Chief Technology Officer

10+ years of marine engineering and technology development experience including Maersk and Evergreen. A very capable and competent engineer, Russell has completed several installations for Ionada.

Thomas Gehring

Engineering Manager

20+ years of engineering and new product development developed, having launched more than $100MM in new products for Collins & Aikman, Rohwedder Automation, GM, Ford, Hyroad Industries, SuntoWater, and OCE.

Jack Haynie

Investment Adviser

25 years experience in strategy, operations, finance, and Lean Six Sigma. His specialty is analyzing business performance and revealing ways to improve an organization’s strategy and the alignment of processes, people and technology to that strategy to delivery shareholder value.

Nikos Petrakakos

Investment Adviser

A creative strategist with deep expertise in Real Assets (Maritime/Transportation Finance), Infrastructure, Sustainability & CleanTech).

Ulrich Malchow

Stakeholder & Representative

Experienced Sales and Project Engineer, Head of Sales & Projects Blohm+Voss AG, Managing Director CARL ROBERT ECKELMANN GmbH, Professor Bremen - University of Applied Sciences, Founder PORT FEEDER BARGE.

Frode Helland-Evebø

Vice President Commercial Marine

Experienced Chief Sales and Marketing Officer / VP Sales / Business Development resource with a demonstrated history of developing and generate business in the environmental, safety and security segments of the maritime industry.

Anders J. Røine

Director Business Development

A ship broker and senior chartering manager with over 25 years of commercial shipping experience and several years within emission technology, will bring his expertise to drive business growth.

Gillian Holcroft

Strategic Business Lead

An Executive Chemical Engineer (Bachelors and Master from McGill University) with over 30 years of experience in Advanced Technology, Environmental Services, Mining and Metallurgy, US Department of Defence as well as International Trade.

Robert Clarke

Project Manager

An accomplished Sales and Project Manager with over 20 years of experience with the design, installation, certification, commissioning, and operation of Emission technology.

Jeff Qian


Leads development team, conducting testing and development of membrane decarbonization systems. Jeff applies computer-aided design software, simulation modeling, and engine test equipment to optimize membrane performance.

Compton Britton


20+ years entrepreneurial experience successfully commercializing more than $100MM in disruptive technologies for 3M, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Bombardier, Weir Minerals, Hydrogenics, Hyroad Industries, and SuntoWater. An expert in engineering and commissioning emission abatement systems.

Lois Sandra Sai-Obodai

Carbon Capture Engineer

An APEGS licensed Engineer In Training equipped with research skills as well as hands on experience in plant operations relating to carbon capture and environmental safety. Very versatile and results-driven with international experience in oil and gas.

Amir Ghobadi

Carbon Capture Engineer

Ph.D., P.E. A Senior Process Engineer. Has over 10 years of experience in process design and unit operations for environmental remediation systems. His expertise includes carbon capture and flue gas control, membrane filtration systems, CFD analysis, hydraulic modeling, equipment sizing, and environmental regulations and permitting and more

Tim Liu


15+ years experience in environmental engineering, operation, quality management, sourcing, and project management in various global companies, Bosch, Honeywell, AtlasCopco. Education background in chemical engineering.

Violy Salas

Finance Director

An accomplished Finance Director with more than ten years of extensive accounting, auditing, taxation, treasury, and office administration experience from diversified businesses in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and South Asia.

Michael Owen Lombos

Technical Sales Engineer

A licensed Chemical Engineer with a strong sales and marketing background and a demonstrated history of working in other industries like food, beverage, and brewery.

Lica Noynay

Engineering Assistant

Has a background in civil engineering, sales and marketing with extensive knowledge of engineering principles, theories, specifications, and standards. Aiming to leverage proven analytical, critical thinking, and mathematical skills to alleviate problems at hand.

Bruno Maruzzo


+25 years of working with small to medium size technology companies, both as a venture capital investor as well as a member of senior management, with experience in Canada, the US and Europe. Possess a diverse background in a variety of technologies coupled with broad management skills and expertise required to grow and manage early stage technology companies.

John Sarlis

Board Adviser

Former CEO and Founder of Shell Cansolv, pioneer in carbon capture brings more than three decades of amine and CO2 solvent experience to Ionada. Creative technical expert with a broad integrator experience across the full range of CCUS, Gas Processing and business development experience in Oil & Gas, Industrials and Power industries.

John Adams


A Clean Technology/Clean Energy Executive with over 20 year’s expertise in investment, innovation, clean technology, partnerships and market growth.

Bjørn Knutsen

Investment Adviser

At present he is the VP, Head of Sale and Trading of Cleaves Oslo.

George Yan

Business Development Manager

Recently co-founded a Canadian company that provides expertise and seed capital to early stage Canadian high-tech companies, focusing on the Commercial and Industrial AI/IOT sectors. As the long-time Managing Director of SummitRG,