About Us

Ionada develops, manufactures, and markets exhaust gas cleaning systems that reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries.  Our sustainable solutions keep our air and waters clean for future generations.   Ionada’s team includes international scientists, engineers and technicians that have developed breakthroughs in technologies to reduce emissions.   Ionada services the global market with operations in Germany, The Netherlands,  United Kingdom and the Americas.

Our vision is to be the technology leader in delivering innovative  sustainable solutions to reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries.

Ionada’s mission is disruptive sustainability – providing emission abatement technologies that not only keeps our air and waters clean, but also provides a financial benefit to our clients.  

A commitment to sustainability, integrity, ethics, safety, and positive change.

Our Story

In 2010, propelled by the backing of the National Research Council Canada-Transport Canada, University of Waterloo, and Ryerson University, Ionada embarked on a groundbreaking journey into zero discharge exhaust gas scrubbing technology. The culmination of our efforts occurred in 2013 when our research team achieved a significant milestone with the development of the first operational membrane scrubber, leading to patented breakthroughs in DeSOx, DeNOx, Particulate Matter, and Carbon Capture.

Ionada proudly emerged as a finalist in the 2018 PortXL program—an esteemed maritime accelerator uniting start-ups, scale-ups, and corporate partners to drive disruptive innovations not only in the marine industry but also in the broader energy, oil, and gas sectors. This pivotal program facilitated Ionada’s collaboration with Van Oord, a global marine innovation company headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, resulting in the commencement of our first dry desulfurization pilot project.

The success of these pilot projects marked the beginning of a new era for Ionada, as we transitioned from a start-up to a scale-up, securing our first commercial orders for Multipurpose Container Vessels, Self Discharging Bulk Carriers, and Ro-Ro Passenger Ships. Our rapid growth trajectory continued with the expansion of operations into Germany and the United Kingdom in 2019.

Ionada, now a scale-up, distinguishes itself as a lean digital enterprise, leveraging cutting-edge technology to efficiently scale our business not only in maritime applications but also across the energy, oil, and gas industries. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar competitors burdened by legacy business models, Ionada, as a digital innovator, is free to push the boundaries of innovation at an unprecedented pace.

At Ionada, we uphold the highest standards, combining traditional values of integrity with an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence to serve our clients. Our journey from start-up to scale-up reflects not only technological advancements but also our dedication to providing sustainable solutions in the ever-evolving maritime, energy, oil, and gas industries. Explore the future of emissions control and environmental responsibility with Ionada—your trusted partner in multi-industry innovation.