Ionada Announces Job Opening for Project Engineer

Alberta, Canada (March 22, 2024)

Ionada Ionada, a leading clean technology company specializing in carbon capture systems, is excited to announce a job opening for a Project Engineer. This role presents an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic team dedicated to developing breakthrough membrane technologies for emission reductions, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

The Project Engineer will lead the chemical and gas process development team, designing and building code-compliant gas-generating and fuel cell power-related systems. The ideal candidate will have 5-10 years of experience as a Project Engineer or Project Lead position in the Process Industry, with a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in chemical or mechanical engineering. PEng certification is an asset.

Responsibilities include designing and building code-compliant gas generating and fuel cell power-related systems, creating bills of materials, and possessing the ability to detail design drawings. The Project Engineer will implement new technologies developed at Ionada, communicate technical details effectively with stakeholders, plan for task execution, and be involved with component sourcing, acquisition, and testing.

Requirements include 5 years of chemical process engineering and systems design experience, 5 years of Project Management experience, and 5 years of computer literacy. Candidates should have excellent knowledge of process simulation and design software as well as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, MS Project).

Interested candidates should apply by emailing their CV to with the subject “LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, APPLICATION FOR PROJECT ENGINEER”.
Ionada is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from qualified individuals, regardless of race, gender, age, or disability status.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Michael Owen Lombos
Phone: +1 888 561 7870 ext 600

About Ionada

Ionada is a global climate technology company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a sustainable future. The company develops innovative post-combustion carbon capture systems to capture CO2 emissions from various industrial processes in oil & gas, thermal power generation, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, steel, cement, and maritime industries.

The highly skilled team of scientists, engineers, and technicians at Ionada have developed breakthrough technology to reduce carbon emissions. They are dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions that enable their clients to reduce their environmental impact while providing financial benefits.

Ionada is passionate about driving disruptive sustainability by delivering innovative solutions that help keep the air and water clean for future generations. The company aims to provide emission abatement technology that reduces emissions and delivers economic value to its clients.

For more information about Ionada’s sustainable solutions, visit or e-mail