Ionada Secures Investment from Archrock for Carbon Capture

Houston, TX (December 1, 2023)

Archrock to Partner with Ionada on Carbon Capture

Ionada, a pioneer in advanced carbon capture technology, achieves a significant milestone with the successful completion of the first closing of their Series A investment round with lead investor Archrock, an energy infrastructure company with a primary focus on natural gas compression, along with a group of marine and offshore industry investors.

With this partnership, Ionada believes it is poised to provide customers with a comprehensive wellhead-to-wellhead energy extraction and CO2 sequestration solution, reinforcing our commitment to advancing innovative emissions reduction strategies.

Archrock’s strategic investment underscores a belief in the transformative potential of Ionada’s technology on emissions reduction. Brad Childers, Archrock’s President and Chief Executive Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the investment, stating, “We are excited to invest in Ionada, a company at the forefront of advanced carbon capture technology as we continue to position Archrock to reduce emissions across the oil and gas industry. This partnership builds on our new ventures strategy and commitment to supporting our customers with economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.”
Ionada’s technology, which is believed to be capable of reducing carbon emission by more than 95% based on the current phase of in-lab studies, has the potential to revolutionize carbon capture and sequestration within the energy sector.

Edoardo Panziera, CEO of Ionada, emphasized the significance of Archrock’s support, stating “Applying carbon capture to the production of hydrocarbons will play a key role in achieving meaningful carbon emission reductions and decarbonizing energy. Archrock, with its extensive energy and natural gas industry experience, and long-standing customer relationships, will be fundamental to accelerating Ionada’s commercialization and growth, creating value for Ionada and its stakeholders. Archrock’s investment supports Ionada’s position as a key player in carbon capture. We are honored to partner with Archrock and believe this key milestone will facilitate meaningful advances in our innovative technology.”

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of the energy production and marine markets, Ionada enhances the energy industry’s capacity to provide sustainable solutions. Our mission to revolutionize emissions reduction is further strengthened by the collective expertise and support from Archrock, as well as our commercial shipping and offshore partners.

For those interested in learning more about investing in Ionada’s wellhead-to-wellhead technology and contributing to this important emissions reduction solution, please contact:

Michael Owen Lombos
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About Ionada

Ionada is a global climate technology company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a sustainable future. The company develops innovative post-combustion carbon capture systems to capture CO2 emissions from various industrial processes in oil & gas, thermal power generation, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, steel, cement, and maritime industries.

The highly skilled team of scientists, engineers, and technicians at Ionada have developed breakthrough technology to reduce carbon emissions. They are dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions that enable their clients to reduce their environmental impact while providing financial benefits.

Ionada is passionate about driving disruptive sustainability by delivering innovative solutions that help keep the air and water clean for future generations. The company aims to provide emission abatement technology that reduces emissions and delivers economic value to its clients.

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About Archrock

Archrock is an energy infrastructure company with a primary focus on midstream natural gas compression and a commitment to helping its customers produce, compress and transport natural gas in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Archrock is the leading provider of natural gas compression services to customers in the energy industry throughout the U.S. and a leading supplier of aftermarket services to customers that own compression equipment. For more information on how Archrock embodies its purpose, WE POWER A CLEANER AMERICA, visit