Ionada and Carbon Circle Sign MOU to Revolutionize Carbon Capture Technology and Propel Global Sustainability Efforts

Oslo, Norway (November 9, 2023)

Ionada, an industry pioneer in carbon capture technology, is pleased to announce the signing of a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Carbon Circle, a prominent project development and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) firm focused on addressing the global demand for carbon reduction and energy transition solutions.

“I am thrilled about this collaboration with Carbon Circle. Together, we will combine our expertise to drive meaningful advancements in carbon capture technology and contribute to a sustainable future,” said Frode Helland-Evebø, Vice President Commercial Marine of Ionada. “Our cutting-edge carbon capture technology has the potential to transform industries and significantly reduce carbon emissions.”

Ionada, at the forefront of clean technology innovation, has developed revolutionary carbon capture technology capable of removing up to 99% of carbon dioxide from flue gas. This cutting-edge solution represents a monumental stride in the battle against climate change, offering immense potential to reshape how carbon emissions are managed across industries and significantly reduce their environmental impact.

“Joining forces with Ionada is a strategic move towards a greener future. Their carbon capture technology complements our extensive experience in project development and execution,” said Aslak Hjelde, CEO of Carbon Circle. “Together, we aim to make a lasting impact on carbon reduction initiatives and set new industry standards.”

Under the terms of the MOU, Ionada and Carbon Circle will collaborate to explore potential carbon capture projects that align with the shared goal of advancing carbon reduction efforts globally. The partnership capitalizes on Ionada’s expertise and cutting-edge technology and combines it with Carbon Circle’s decades of experience in project development and EPC.

Carbon Circle’s deep-rooted proficiency in project execution, particularly in energy and carbon abatement, complements Ionada’s groundbreaking carbon capture technology. Together, the collaboration aims to drive impactful carbon capture projects that contribute to a sustainable and greener future.

Ionada and Carbon Circle are excited about the prospects this collaboration brings to the carbon reduction landscape. By combining their strengths and capabilities, the companies intend to pave the way for innovative solutions that accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

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About Ionada

Ionada is a global climate technology company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a sustainable future. The company develops innovative post-combustion carbon capture systems to capture CO2 emissions from various industrial processes in oil & gas, thermal power generation, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, steel, cement, and maritime industries.

The highly skilled team of scientists, engineers, and technicians at Ionada have developed breakthrough technology to reduce carbon emissions. They are dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions that enable their clients to reduce their environmental impact while providing financial benefits.

Ionada is passionate about driving disruptive sustainability by delivering innovative solutions that help keep the air and water clean for future generations. The company aims to provide emission abatement technology that reduces emissions and delivers economic value to its clients.

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About Carbon Circle

Carbon Circle is a technology agnostic company and a project development and EPC house addressing the large demand for carbon reduction and energy transition solutions globally. We have a highly experienced EPC team with decades of energy and carbon abatement experience.