Ionada Showcases Its Carbon Capture Technology at CCUS Conference & Expo North America

Houston (July 6, 2023)

Ionada, a leading provider of innovative carbon capture solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Carbon Capture Technology Expo North America, which took place at the prestigious NRG Centre in Houston, Texas on June 28th and 29th.

The Carbon Capture Technology Expo North America is set to be a groundbreaking event, with over 260 prominent companies from the carbon capture industry participating in the main exhibition. Additionally, an impressive number of more than 4,500 attendees have already registered, demonstrating carbon capture’s immense interest and importance in today’s world.

This expo offers an exceptional opportunity for attendees to engage with industry giants and witness the latest advancements in carbon capture technology. Among the prestigious lineup of participants are renowned names such as Siemens Energy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Air Liquide, Aecom, Baker Hughes, Atlas Copco, BASF, Bechtel Energy, Halliburton, MAN Energy Solutions, NOV, and many more.
Ionada is excited to be a part of this influential event and showcase its cutting-edge membrane CO2 contactors, a highly innovative technology that enables the removal of up to 99% of carbon dioxide from flue gas. This advanced CO2 decarbonization system offers a sustainable solution while significantly reducing carbon emissions, making it a crucial contributor to global efforts in combating climate change.

In addition to the exhibition, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from over 125 industry experts who will be speaking in four conference tracks concurrently running alongside the exhibition. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including the latest developments in CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) solutions, infrastructure development, successful project research and findings, blue hydrogen, and the latest technological advancements. Participants will also gain insights into the impact of government incentives and new business models that are driving the accelerated growth of the carbon capture industry in the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

“We are honored to participate in the Carbon Capture Technology Expo North America and share our innovative carbon capture solutions with industry leaders, experts, and attendees,” said Juan Carlos Quevedo, Principal Engineering Specialist of Ionada. “Our membrane CO2 contactors have the potential to revolutionize carbon capture technology, contributing significantly to the global fight against climate change. We look forward to engaging with fellow experts, networking with industry peers, and exploring collaborations that will further advance the field of carbon capture.”

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About Ionada

Ionada is a global climate technology company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a sustainable future. The company develops innovative post-combustion carbon capture systems to capture CO2 emissions from various industrial processes in oil & gas, thermal power generation, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, steel, cement, and maritime industries.

The highly skilled team of scientists, engineers, and technicians at Ionada have developed breakthrough technology to reduce carbon emissions. They are dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions that enable their clients to reduce their environmental impact while providing financial benefits.

Ionada is passionate about driving disruptive sustainability by delivering innovative solutions that help keep the air and water clean for future generations. The company aims to provide emission abatement technology that reduces emissions and delivers economic value to its clients.

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About Carbon Capture Technology Expo North America

Carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies (CCUS) are set to play a crucial role in the world’s future decarbonization efforts. Alongside other mitigation techniques and further advances in renewable energy innovations, they are increasingly seen as powerful – and necessary – tools to reduce and potentially eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere as well as removing existing CO2 from the air.

Carbon Capture Technology Expo North America will unveil the very latest current and emerging technologies from some of the sector’s leading experts and energy leaders while providing a showcase for innovative models that can capture carbon’s potential by turning CO2 by-products into profitable applications for concrete, carbon fiber, polymers, food, fertilizers, liquid fuels, chemicals, graphene and more.

Naturally where there are opportunities there are challenges, not least in the cost-effective transportation and storage of industrial CO2, storage space and integrity, demand for CO2, incentivization and ROI, and the policies needed as well as the legal and regulatory frameworks. Possibly the most daunting challenge will be balancing the energy demands of a truly effective large-scale CCS infrastructure.What is abundantly clear is that we need to accelerate and deploy CCS projects across industry sectors to achieve a critical mass of commercial deployment by 2030, in order to reach the economy-wide scale needed to meet mid-century decarbonization targets.

The event will bring together more than 110 international speakers and over 950 delegates to debate and discuss the latest technologies and solutions, strategies, innovations, current and future regulations, by-products and strategies for captured CO2 and the latest and next-generation techniques and models to help foster a truly sustainable, cost-effective and resource-efficient CCUS sector.