Ionada joins Green Shipping Program to Strengthen its Carbon Capture Projects in the Maritime Sector

OSLO, NORWAY (March 8, 2023)

Ionada, a global leader in carbon capture technology, is joining the Green Shipping Programme (GSP), a public-private partnership program dedicated to reducing emissions and promoting environmentally friendly shipping.

The GSP membership will enable Ionada to collaborate with stakeholders in the maritime industry to achieve the shared goal of reducing emissions by at least 40% by 2030 and working towards a 50% reduction by 2050, as mandated by IMO.

As part of its commitment to reducing emissions in the maritime sector, Ionada has developed a patented modular membrane contactor carbon capture system for small to mid-size carbon emitters. Ionada’s unique carbon capture technology requires as little as 50% of the space and 30% of the power of conventional marine solution carbon capture systems, making it an economical solution for the marine industry for CO2 reductions.

Ionada’s Vice President of Commercial Marine, Frode Helland-Evebø, expressed the significance of Ionada’s membership with GSP in enhancing the company’s carbon capture projects in the maritime sector. He added that Ionada is excited to collaborate with GSP and other stakeholders to develop practical solutions that promote sustainable shipping and meet national and international climate targets.

GSP is dedicated to uniting companies that offer emission-reducing solutions for the maritime industry. The organization’s ultimate objective is to contribute to viable solutions that enable efficient and eco-friendly shipping and support national and international climate goals.

We are delighted to welcome Ionada as a new member of the Green Shipping Program. With its innovative carbon capture technology, Ionada will be a valuable addition to our group, and we look forward to working together towards a more sustainable future for the maritime industry,” said Narve Mjøs at Green Shipping Programme.

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For more information, please contact:

Frode Helland-Evebø


Phone: +47 948 81 696

About Ionada

Ionada is a global climate technology company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a sustainable future. The company develops innovative post-combustion carbon capture systems to capture CO2 emissions from various industrial processes in oil & gas, thermal power generation, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, steel, cement, and maritime industries.

The highly skilled team of scientists, engineers, and technicians at Ionada have developed breakthrough technology to reduce carbon emissions. They are dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions that enable their clients to reduce their environmental impact while providing financial benefits.

Ionada is passionate about driving disruptive sustainability by delivering innovative solutions that help keep the air and water clean for future generations. The company aims to provide emission abatement technology that reduces emissions and delivers economic value to its clients.

For more information about Ionada’s sustainable solutions, visit or e-mail

About Green Shipping Programme

The Green Shipping Programme (GSP), a public-private partnership, aims to advance the Norwegian government’s maritime strategies and plans. The programme’s vision is to develop and strengthen Norway’s goal to establish the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly shipping.

GSP was first established in January 2015 under the name “the Green Coastal Shipping Program”, consisting of 16 private companies and organisations, as well as two government ministries. In the spring of 2019, the program changed its name to the Green Shipping Program to state its international ambitions.

In the spring of 2022, the program included more than 105 private companies and organizations as well as 11 public observers. The Green Shipping Program is financed partly by public allocations from the State budget of Norway and partly by the members themselves.