Ionada Welcomes Frode Helland-Evebø as Vice President Commercial Marine

OSLO, NORWAY (February 9, 2023)

Ionada a global climate technology company, announced the appointment of Mr. Frode Helland-Evebø as Vice President, Commercial Marine effective February 1, 2023.

Helland-Evebø is a commercial expert who brings 30 years of experience with leading national and international corporations including Daphne Technology, Pacific Green Technologies, Clean Marine, Autronica, Honeywell, Consilium, and Zenitel.
He has spent the last two years in the role of CCO and leading the Norwegian entity of Daphne Technology. During that time he helped to secure strategic investments from Shell Ventures, Trafigura, AET, Saudi Aramco, JP Morgan, and Swisscom

As a part of Ionada’s global strategy, an accomplished commercial leader with a proven track record of commercializing new technology to the market is vital. With his extensive experience in the maritime sector as well as his various leadership roles, Helland-Evebø has a demonstrated history of developing and generating business for start-ups and larger companies. His passion, focus, and dedication have allowed him to build successful teams while also developing and implementing strategies, processes, and tools for sales growth.
“We’re excited to have Frode onboard our Senior Management Team. With his extensive leading commercial portfolio and experience within the maritime industry, we are confident we will be able to reach our goal for quick network growth and expand our market for carbon capture.” said Edoardo Panziera, CEO of Ionada.

Helland-Evebø’s addition to the team will help fast-track the expansion of Ionada’s market while allowing the company to focus on continuously developing the technology.

“I´m really excited to join Ionada again and the timing is much better this time; both with regards to the technology development and the market incentives. The hard to abate industries urgently needs optimized solutions for the small to mid-sized emitters and our technology platform will defiantly be one of the solutions the majority of emitters needs.” said Frode Helland-Evebø, new Vice President, Commercial Marine, at Ionada.

With Helland-Evebø onboard, Ionada’s commitment to sustainability, integrity, ethics, safety, and positive change will continue while also providing benefits to their clients.

About Ionada
Ionada is a global climate technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets post combustion carbon capture systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our sustainable solutions help keep our air and water clean for future generations. Ionada’s team includes scientists, engineers and technicians that have developed breakthroughs in technology to reduce carbon emissions. Ionada is the technology leader in delivering innovative sustainable solutions, to reduce carbon emissions from the oil & gas, thermal power generation, waste to energy, hydrogen, steel, cement and marine industries. Ionada’s mission is disruptive sustainability – providing emission abatement technology that not only reduces emissions, but also provides a financial benefit to our clients. For further information please visit or emailing us at