Ionada completes trials on MV Yeoman Bridge

Marine scrubber technology leader Ionada is pleased to announce the completion of it’s pilot testing project with Bontrup on the MV Yeoman Bridge, a Self Discharging Bulk Carrier.  The successful trials demonstrated compliance to the 0.5% and 0.1 % sulfur IMO regulations.  The pilot trials consisted of the installation of Ionada’s dry injection desulfurization system onto the main engine of the Yeoman Bridge.    

“We would like to thank the SMT crew of the MV Yeoman Bridge as well as the shipowner Bontrup for their support and assistance contributing to the successful trials” said Ionada Managing Director,  Edoardo Panziera. “We look forward to installing the permanent system onboard the vessel, scheduled for the next dry dock in early 2020” continued Edoardo Panziera.

With the introduction of Ionada’s Dry Desulfurization, shipowners can achieve the benefits of up to half the fuel costs while complying to the IMO 2020 0.5 % sulfur emissions regulations.  Ionada’s Dry Desulfurization scrubbers has numerous advantages over traditional seawater scrubbers including no structural renovations, no sea water or washwater.  Ionada is now offering shipowners an Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) Service where shipowners only pay for the fuel cleaned.  The EGC Service saves millions in capital costs, and completely de-risks scrubber purchases for the shipowners

About Bontrup

Bontrup ( ) set up over 50 years ago by Franz Bontrup, is strong in raw materials, logistics and agriculture. The leadership of the family business, owned by Peter and Bram Bontrup.  We act quickly and purposefully. This is due to our pro-active corporate culture and short lines of communication.  We think in terms of logical and simple solutions.  Innovation is in our genes. This means we often look at problems from a different point of view, and without compromising simplicity.  Bontrup has a long-term vision concerning investing. We also think long term when it comes to our relationships with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

About Ionada 

Ionada ( is a global technology leader in air emission and water treatment technologies, focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS). Ionada’s mission is to provide emission abatement technologies that not only keep our air and waters clean, but provide a financial benefit to our customers.

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