Climate Technology

Ionada provides sustainable and viable solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Innovative Solution

Ionada offers a carbon capture technology to remove carbon dioxide from combustion emissions. 


Climate Technology

Ionada provides sustainable and viable solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Global Warming

Carbon capture is required to prevent global warming and to protect our environment.

Simple Solution

We offer an innovative and cost-effective solution that is 50% smaller and 30% more efficient than competitive systems.

How it Works
"A successful demonstration of the small scale 20 kTPA modular Ionada Membrance modular unit and its economical benefit would lead to the installation and implementation at hundreds of other existing and future sites (compression and batteries facilities with pipeline connections to major gas processing plants) and the CO2 captured would be able to gathered into major processing hubs for permanent sequestration of CO2."
Client, Energy Plant, Canada
"The Ionada system to cope with the Sulfur Cap is a smart solution for ship owners as it combines low capex, quick and easy installation with moderate opex per ton of fuel which are less than the price difference between low and high sulfur HFO. The logistics for the supply of sodium bicarbonate can be easily done with containers. Hence container and MPP vessels of all sizes would be perfect candidates for the system".
Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Malchow
Managing Director, Port Feeder Barge, Germany
"We scout a thousand start-ups every year, bring 30 of them to Rotterdam, and only 15 of those are selected for the program. Ionada was selected as a finalist because they have the aspects that will make them successful in the long term future, including the team, technology, and substantial global market potential."
Mare Straetmans
Managing Director, PortXL, Netherlands


Compliance has never been more critical to the energy sector,  marine industry,  and biofuels facilities.  Stay ahead of the ever changing regulations with our latest updates.


Ionada develops, manufactures, and markets exhaust gas cleaning systems that reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries.  Our sustainable solutions keep our air and waters clean for future generations.  Ionada’s team includes international scientists, engineers and technicians that have developed breakthroughs in technologies to reduce emissions.  Ionada services the global market with operations in Germany, The Netherlands,  United Kingdom and the Americas.


Ionada Secures Carbon Capture Contract for Offshore Platform

Ionada secures Feasibility study for offshore carbon capture for the oil major. Upon completion of this study, which will be completed midyear, it will trigger a full-scale carbon capture project which can help the industry produce oil sustainably, decarbonize and reduce its carbon footprint. The study will also bring together a consortium that includes the oil and gas industry, Ionada, classification society, EPC, and key vendors.

Ionada Completes Revolutionary Carbon Capture Pilot Project

Ionada is pleased to announce the completion of its carbon capture pilot system at Halliburton, in Houston, Texas. The project is supported by NGIF Industry Grants (“NGIF”) and the Halliburton Labs clean energy accelerator program.

Ionada Completes Onboard Carbon Capture Feasibility Study for LNG Carriers

Ionada in cooperation with a major energy company in Europe completes the world’s first onboard carbon capture feasibility study for LNG Carriers.


Ionada Secures an Approval in Principle (AiP) From Bureau Veritas For German Shipowner’s Short-Sea Shipping and Carbon Capture Projects

Bureau Veritas, a front-runner in testing, inspection, and certification, has given an Approval in Principle (AiP) to Ionada.