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Clean Air

Clean Water



Clean air and water is essential for our mutual well being. Ionada™ provides innovative technology solutions that keep our air and waters clean.
Our Membrane Scrubber™ system cleans the exhaust gas from heavy fuel marine engines and power plants, eliminating harmful particulates including sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Ionada™ applies the high efficiency, reliability, and low energy consumption of membrane technology to Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS). The result is an EGCS that is smaller, and more energy efficient than competitive wet or dry scrubbers – making it the ideal solution for shipowners and power plants. Owners and operators are able to achieve a rapid return on investment by continuing to utilize low cost residual fuels and avoid the high cost of switching to distillate fuels to meet stringent emission requirements.



Maritime shipping is the most cost effective and efficient way to transport large goods around the world. There are approximately 50,000 merchant ships that trade internationally, responsible for moving 90% of world trade. Clean and sustainable marine transportation industries are an important part of global trade, especially to those living in coastal communities and lake areas.

Power Generation

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) power generation continues to contribute a significant portion of the global power supply, especially in regions with limited access to lower cost, cleaner burning, liquefied natural gas (LNG). As a residual product, HFO is a relatively inexpensive fuel, typically 30% - 50% less expensive than distillate fuels. The global increase in oil production will continue to keep oil prices low for the foreseeable future, making HFO power generation one of the most cost effective and reliable sources of electric power.

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Baie St. Paul

Pilot Installation 800 kW 2015

MG Nolhanava

Production 6 MW 2016

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Ionada has experts in air and water emissions regulations.  We can work with your company to determine best suite of products to reduce your compliance costs.

Fuel Savings